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At the T.P.R. Agency in Easton, PA, we are dedicated to the health and well-being of all ages of people. We offer affordable quality home health care for the healthy, seniors and those who are acutely or chronically ill. We are concerned with all aspects of your loved ones health; including the emotional, physical needs and support that are provided to clients and their family. All staff is insured and licensed by the state of Pennsylvania.
At T.P.R. we will make certain to evaluate and adjust care plans to meet the specific personal needs and desires or your loved ones, ensuring and maintaining respect and dignity at all times.
T.P.R. is locally and privately run agency. How may we assist you… companionship, take you to an appointment, light household chores, cooking or medical necessity? We look forward to serving you in our community
Our company is looking for tender, personal, responsible staff. Nursing students, certified nurse aides, CNA students and home health aids (HHA). Apply here!
What a gift TPR Agency was during my parents recovery!! Their service was absolutely perfect for my mom and dad’s needs.
They are knowledgeable and do their “job” with a servant’s heart. I would recommend TPR to anyone. I WILL BE FOREVER
Diane M. Brotzman, Daughter of Patient
“My family is blessed to have found TPR and Joan Brady. My 90-year old mother can’t walk and is on the St. Luke’s heart failure program. All aspects of her care from vitals monitoring, drug dispensing, OT and PT, and meal preparation are performed with great care and professionalism. We also know the genuine companionship and trips to the park and stores is greatly appreciated by Mom. Most of all, however, the family is thankful that she can remain comfortably living in her own home. “
Laura Gallo, Third Sister
“Due to osteoporosis and a hip fracture, my 90 year old Mom has been in a wheelchair and homebound for over a year now. Using TPR Agency to care for Mom was the best decision I could have made. I am impressed by the superior, professional and reliable care provided by Joan Brady and her well-trained team. Their handling of personal assistance, occasional shopping, light housekeeping, medical appointments and companionship enables Mom to stay in her own home despite severe limitations. It is a great relief to me, since I live an hour-and-a-half away, to have TPR Agency oversee all aspects of Mom’s care. I am even more grateful for the genuine caring and companionship they provide to Mom which contributes to her overall well-being. TPR Agency is outstanding and I recommend them to anyone who needs care for a loved one.”
Susan Riccio, Daughter
“I started working for TPR in February 2015 while starting nursing school. Working for TPR while going through school gave me the hands on experiences that the classroom could not offer. Working with the clients was a rewarding and fulfilling job and had left me with many experiences in the health field. I was pleased with the way this company ran and the personal relationships I gained. The owner even gave me a referral for nursing school. Great company, it didn’t even feel like a job!”
Emily DiClemente, T.P.R. Employee
“I have been working with TPR Agency for about a month now and it is one of the best jobs I have ever had. I love working with the clients and providing them with at home care in a friendly environment. I have made a new friend in my client and love talking with her, cooking with her and of course spending time with her doing puzzles, looking through photo albums, and watching our favorite show, Blue Bloods. I am a sophomore nursing student in college and with all the new experience taking vitals, operating an oxygen system, and performing AM and PM care, I am ready for hospital work. I truly enjoy the working environment and my wonderful boss Joan Brady. She is always available to help in any situation and makes me feel appreciated every step of the way. Overall, this is a great job and I have learned so much. Anyone who enjoys a warm working atmosphere, with loving clients and co-workers, this is the job for you!”
Rachael Sorsch, T.P.R. Employee
“I contacted TPR Agency owner, Joan, when we needed someone to care for my 87 year old mother while my family was away. Joan finds a way to connect with her clients, takes the time to know them, even enjoys (and encourages!) looking at old family photos with them. She truly enjoys talking with them while she provides care and comfort, and she gives her clients the dignity so often overlooked by those caring for the elderly. In Easton, PA, senior home care in the privacy of your own home doesn’t come any better than TPR Agency! I highly recommend them!”
Berni Varela
“I have worked at TPR Agency for almost six months. I have learned many skills throughout my employment and I am still learning every day. The clients are very kind hearted and quickly won over my heart. TPR is not just a job. It’s a family.”
Melyssa Gonzalez, Employee
“We have gratefully used the caregiving services offered at TPR. We know Joan to be competent, compasssionate,and flexible. She is willing to adapt her schedule to fit our needs without hesitation. Less stress with quality care!”
Dr. Karen Mooney, Client
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the excellent care you have been providing for our parents since February. Living so far away and unable to with assist with their physical needs was very frustrating. The care that you provide is amazing! It is personal and full of compassion, patience and understanding. We also want to thank you for the updates you communicate to us which puts our minds at ease. With you and your staff we feel as if a family member is present. Thank you once again!
Don & Anita Fisher
Hello, my name is Joan Fisher. My husband Fred & I highly recommend Joan Brady & the TPR Care Agency staff for excellent home care. We both needed minor home care assistance daily for three months after getting out of the hospital. During this time, Joan Brady and the TPR staff came twice a day to assist, access and monitor progress. In the A.m. the TPR staff assisted with medication reminders, our daily hygiene routine, made breakfast and attended to our needs which included light household chores and laundry as needed. Besides assisting with our weekly medication boxes and reminders, TPR staff also went grocery shopping and picked up our medications at drugstore.The girls prepared lunch and made sure we were comfortable and safe prior to leaving us until returning for the P.M. shift. During the evening home health care visit, the TPR agency prepared dinner, administered medication reminders and helped us get ready for bedtime.They vacuumed and made sure we were set prior to leaving. All the TPR Agency staff were very caring, helpful and friendly.
Joan & Fred
When my Mom became ill, a close friend (who is a hospice nurse) recommended the T.P.R. Agency. Fortunately, I heeded her advice. The aides are highly skilled, attentive and very caring. After the first few days they felt like family. Joan Brady is a wonderful advocate and organizer. She kept a close eye on my Mom’s condition, always looking for ways to comfort her and assist the family. This is exceptional care with a big heart.
Steven Piccone, Son of Patient
Several months ago it was decided that my 92 year old mother was not able to live alone any longer. So she moved in with me! While mom is able to take care of her personal hygiene needs there are areas that need to have concentrated care. Thankfully we have Joanie from TPR Agency for all the extras that I nor mom can handle. Joanie is not just an excellent health care provider but a friend who is considerate to mom’s emotional needs. We rely on and look forward to her visits, not just for health benefits but also comforting social time.
Connie Christiansen, Daughter of Patient
We would like to take this opportunity to say “Thank You” to Joan Brady and her staff for the great care they had given our 94 year old mother, Dot. We are so lucky to have contacted Joan for help with Mom. After the first visit by Joan my Mom said, “They are nice ladies, they can come back.” What a relief! To have someone willing to care for Mom’s emotional as well as physical well-being is a blessing. Encouragement to take walks, play games, converse is all part of the care given. We have had overnight care as well as just a few hours on a busy day for us. During overnight care, Joan even sent a smiling picture of Mom to put our minds at ease. Such thoughtfulness! We wholeheartedly recommend TPR Agency for help with your loved one.
Carol Leith & Wanda Ludicello, Daughters of Patient

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