Our company is looking for tender, personal, responsible staff. Nurses, Nursing students, certified nurses aides or assistants (CNA) and home health aides (HHA). We will train all staff and will consider the uncertified aides if they qualify for our requirements. We are fully insured and licensed by the state of Pennsylvania.

• Nursing Students

• Certified Nurses Aide(CNA)

• Nurses LPN/RN

• Home Health Aides (HHA)

Non Discrimination Clause: Non discrimination policy states services are provided:referrals and employment actions are made without regard to race, sex, color, national origin, ancestry, religious creed, handicap or age.

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“I have been working with TPR Agency for about a month now and it is one of the best jobs I have ever had. I love working with the clients and providing them with at home care in a friendly environment. I have made a new friend in my client and love talking with her, cooking with her and of course spending time with her doing puzzles, looking through photo albums, and watching our favorite show, Blue Bloods. I am a sophomore nursing student in college and with all the new experience taking vitals, operating an oxygen system, and performing AM and PM care, I am ready for hospital work. I truly enjoy the working environment and my wonderful boss Joan Brady. She is always available to help in any situation and makes me feel appreciated every step of the way. Overall, this is a great job and I have learned so much. Anyone who enjoys a warm working atmosphere, with loving clients and co-workers, this is the job for you!”
Rachael Sorsch, T.P.R. Employee
“I started working for TPR in February 2016 while starting nursing school. Working for TPR while going through school gave me the hands on experiences that the classroom could not offer. Working with the clients was a rewarding and fulfilling job and had left me with many experiences in the health field. I was pleased with the way this company ran and the personal relationships I gained. The owner even gave me a referral for nursing school. Great company, it didn’t even feel like a job!”
Emily DiClemente, T.P.R. Employee

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